General Description

Spore finger cots (Ordinary, Clean & Chlorinated) fit comfortably to the fingers while enhance user’s work performance thanks to its ergonomic design. The proprietary cut type design (without ring) reduces finger discomfort and fatigue even after long hour use. The rough surface at fingertips not only provides better gripping, but also excellent touch sensitivity and easy holding of delicate components.


  • Special washing process to reduce ionics, non-volatile residue, particles, and other contaminats.
  • Cut type reduces finger discomfort and improve user’s efficiency.
  • Rough Surface provides better gripping and anti-slipping.
  • Treated with very low level of powder for cleanroom user.

Area of Use (productions)

  • Optical Disk Production
  • Micro electrical components
  • Small LCD production
  • Semi-conductors
  • Disk drive / thin film heads
  • Digital camera / video production
  • Computer hard disk production
  • Watch manufacturing
  • Mobile phone production
  • Cleaning and handling of precision components
Product Spore Ordinary Spore Clean Spore Chlorinated
Internal Diameter (mm) S15 15 15 15
M18 18 18 18
Thickness (mm) 0.1 ± 0.02
Length (mm) 63 ± 2
Physical Test (ASTM D412)
Tensile Strength
 Min 700 %
Min 25 Mpa
Surface Texture Rough Surface
Type Unroll / Cut / Roll Unroll / Cut Unroll / Cut / Roll
Packaging 1440 pcs x 20 bags per carton
Shelf Life (Recommended) Approximately 12 months Approximately 6 months Approximately 9 months


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